Walton Residence

Walton Residence
Moab, UT (2003)

The Walton Residence is a 1600 square foot private residence on Pack Creek Ranch, tucked away among the junipers and sage at the base of the La Sal mountains in southern Utah.


The owners desired a space designed for privacy while taking in views and optimizing natural light.  Spacial arranging located the living areas toward light and views, using minimal square footage while maintaining open-plan living.  Their preference for soft edges, warm colors, and natural materials are demonstrated throughout the home and complement their desert surroundings.


ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) wall construction creates an R-30 wall system that is efficient, soundproof, and fire resistant.  Recycled cellulose roofing insulation was used under a durable metal roof finish.  Locally harvested wood posts, beams, and siding were utilized, minimizing transportation costs and impacts while supporting the local economy.

Interior Quality

Low-maintenance hard surface flooring reduces allergens and low-VOC finishes improve indoor air quality.

Energy & Water Efficiency

The passive solar design incorporates a south facing orientation, low-e windows, and properly sized overhangs.  Energy consumption is reduced by using-efficient lighting coupled with daylighting strategies, an Energy Star heating system with room by room control, and cooling by natural ventilation.